Datascene Quality Policy

Datascene’s documented ISO9001 quality assured process means that your project receives the full treatment ensuring quality and completion are guaranteed.

Consultation and communication with the customer happen at every step of the Datascene process to make sure their requirements are met, and their understanding of the final product is comprehensive.

The Datascene Quality Policy

Datascene is committed to the provision of high-quality products and services that exceed our customer’s expectations and enable continuous improvement in all aspects the business.

We achieve this by implementing, developing and maintaining systems that meet the requirements of International Standard ISO9001:2015, all statutory requirements, codes of practice, industry standards, guidelines and contractual requirements.

We are committed to:

  • Consistent high quality service delivery.
  • Maintaining a strong reputation to attract new customers.
  • Demonstrating professionalism at all times.
  • Maintaining ethical business standards.

The Datascene Process

Detailed Development Phase

Datascene conducts a detailed development phase to create specification documentation for customer approval.  A single Datascene representative will carry you through this process which includes:

  1. A Requirements Definitions Document is created through conducting detailed workshops with the customer to clearly define the requirements of the project.
  2. A Functional Specification Document which answers the requirements is then submitted for consideration and comment. This document may pass through a number of drafts until it meets customer requirements and is approved.
  3. A Technical Specification Document is then created based on the Functional Requirements and this document forms the basis of the physical solution.


Once the final design is approved, Datascene purchases the agreed products. If any changes are required due to supply issues or product updates, the customer will be notified for approval.

Offsite Construction and Configuration

Datascene will commence building and customising the system offsite, at our workshop. This allows us to ensure all items are operating correctly before installation. We build, configure and test as required before delivering to site for installation. This enables more efficient use of our time on-site which saves our customers money. Equipment is shipped to site to coincide with the agreed start date of the installation process.

Onsite Construction and Configuration

There are 2 phases to onsite construction – the first is ‘rough in’ where cables and hardware infrastructure is installed, typically whilst walls are being built and the site is not finished.  Only once the site is clean and secure, do we commence the second phase where electronic equipment is delivered and installed, and the cables fitted off. Configuration occurs concurrently with the hardware installation so that the hardware and cabling can be tested during the process.

Commissioning and Testing

As the project moves towards completion, test sheets are created based on the Technical Specification Document and all functionality is tested by Datascene staff.

User Acceptance Testing and Customer Satisfaction Evaluation

User training is scheduled, and the test sheets created are provided to the customer to perform their own testing against the Functional Specification Document.  This ensures the system delivered meets the agreed requirements and the customer is satisfied with the results. This process is conducted by software engineers and/or the project manager.

Practical Completion

Practical Completion occurs once the User Acceptance Testing has been undertaken. It does not necessarily mean that every issue identified during the testing phases has been resolved, but it does mean that the vast majority have been, and an agreed path to resolution is known for each outstanding item

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Ongoing Support and Maintenance phase begins when the system is handed over to the customer to be operated operates business as usual. The Datascene team will provide initial support until the system is bedded in. Depending on the size of the project, a maintenance agreement may be required for Datascene to provide ongoing support for the system.