Smart Home

Datascene is a leading designer and integrator of smart home technology into luxury residences, superyachts, and multi-dwelling apartment blocks.

Our smart home solutions deliver flawless high-end finishes with superb sound systems. Our installations are discrete and elegant while never compromising performance.

We offer home automation systems that truly are second to none, utilising the latest technologies available, combined with robust installation and programming practices.

The result is that we are consistently succeeding in bespoke projects where our customer’s tolerances are minimal, and their expectations are high.

Creston media remote control system

We listen carefully to what homeowners want from their audio-visual and home automation. This enables us to customise a system to our customer’s specific needs. The result is discrete, intuitive, comfortable to live with and easy to use.

The Crestron system can control:

Media hubs,
Automated lighting,
Climate control,
Security systems,
Blinds & shades
And more


Horizon Keypads with Customisable labelled switches

Our team has extensive knowledge of residential audio-visual and automation projects, with over 150 years of combined experience.  

This enables us to manage installations ranging in size from single rooms, such as home theatres, to ultra-luxury houses and apartments and even large multi-story buildings and entire multi-apartment complexes.

Crestron Home theatre system

Our 2018 work at Sydney’s ground-breaking Central Park 8 building, set a benchmark in Australia for large scale residential apartment home automation, which we continue to refine and improve.

Many of our clients are well known or high profile, public figures.  We ensure security and respect privacy for all our customers but we can assure you that privately, they won’t hesitate to recommend Datascene.

Integrated remote control


Crestron Home Government touch panel