Awards and Certifications

Datascene won the Australian Audio-Visual Industry Awards ‘Best Audio-Visual Installation for an Exhibition under $500,000’ for a project at the NSW Art Gallery in 2012. 

Our unique installation, which cost under $20,000, showcased our engineering and problem-solving skills, revolutionising many aspects of modern audio-visual integration in exhibits.  This award-winning work has broken down barriers, making high quality systems, accessible to many organisations who normally would not be able to afford such complex systems.

ISO 9001 Quality Assurance

Datascene is an ISO9001/2015 certified company.  Every project is managed under this compliance protocol to ensure consistently high levels of quality and service.

To keep this certification and ensure our standards remain high, we undergo annual audits of our procedures and customer satisfaction.

Work Health & Safety

CM3 is a Work Health & Safety (WHS) prequalification system that enables us to demonstrate our health and safety capabilities to current and potential customers.  Like ISO9001, we are annually audited to retain our CM3 certification, thereby ensuring our continued high levels of workplace safety.

Certification & Licensing

Datascene team members include Gold licensed electricians, and manufacturer certified Crestron and Extron programmers.