Hotels, Venues and Public Spaces

Datascene is a leading provider of audio-visual and building automation solutions for licensed clubs and venues, hotels ballrooms, gyms, parks and public areas.

Our teams experience in live production lends itself perfectly to designing and building the highest standard of audio-visual systems for clubs and hotels.

We design rigging and cable infrastructure to allow for maximum flexibility and optimal performance for special events.

We take our audio-visual integrations to the next level for hotels and licensed clubs, with central control over all vision, sound, and lighting fixtures. Building automation and management systems allow venues to program lighting and sound display schedules.

Mima Speers Point at Sunset

Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour ballroom

A base level of equipment in spaces allows venues to charge higher rates for the room hire and cut down on set up time for events.

As well as providing simplicity in operation this also offers real benefits in extending the lifespan of equipment and reducing power consumption.

Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour ballroom

As experts in experimental public exhibition spaces, we are highly knowledgeable in soundscape design & installation.

Our robust, weatherproof enclosures allow us to place speakers, projectors and lighting in outdoor spaces that will automatically play recorded content as people walk past. The result is an engaging experience for your visitors that will create memories.

Parramatta Park with audioscape


In aquatic centres and wet areas we consider both acoustics and moisture management in our system design to ensure the spaces are comfortable to use and the systems are durable.

No matter the size of the project, our team’s automation and installation experience elevates our customer’s spaces to the highest levels. We deliver reliable functionality, performance, and simple intuitive controls.


Phoenix Light Ring