Datascene started in March 2011 and has grown ever since.

We believe that there are three components to any audiovisual implementation that all need to be addressed in order for a successful user experience.

The three components are:

All Audiovisual systems must be well designed with input from as many interested parties as possible. Topics that must be addressed include:
Ease of use for end users,  ongoing support and maintenance, financial implications, and project implementation.

The Construction phase must be conducted with due governance and as safely as possible. Datascene has project management procedures in place to manage this.

Final commissioning and tuning is often the hardest part of any audiovisual implementation. Yet it makes the difference between an ok user experience and one that is excellent. It is this last 5-10% of the project that we excel in and are often subcontracted by larger firms to perform.

Audiovisual System Integrators


Design and Consultancy:

Project Implentation and Project Management, Final Commissioning and Systems Programming, Hardware Supply

Our staff are proficient at working with you to design suitable audio visual solutions for your boardroom/ Video Conferencing Room/ Gallery Multimedia experience or exhibition.

As part of our ISO9001 approved design process, Datascene develop:

User Requirements and Return Brief Specifications
Including developing requirements packages in consulation with end users and other interested parties from the customers.
Functional Specification Documentation
Documents that list solutions to solve the Requirements Specifications

Technical Specification Documentation:

Text based technical descriptions
Schematic Diagrams
Cable schedules
Hardware lists
User Interface Layouts

Project Implentation and Project Management:

Datascene Project Management Staff can manage your audiovisual project. Datascene is CM3 WHS Certified and meets all current NSW Work Cover Building requirements for staff and contractors.
Our staff are OH&S NSW Inducted as well as have appropriate licenses for plant. Datascene install as much or as little of the hardware and cabling as you require.

Datascene provide as-built schematic drawings and user interface manuals.

Final Commissioning and Systems Programming

Our staff are certified in programming –

  • Crestron
  • Biamp and Qsys
  • Extron Control Systems

Datascene knows how difficult it can be to finish projects to the exacting requirements of the customer. Datascene is willing to complete commissioning if customers are unhappy with oringinal works done by others.

Datascene will finalise systems so that they stable and useable for the long term.


Corporate Customers:

  • VGI Partners
  • City of Sydney
  • Canterbury Bankstown City Council
  • Stockland Property Group
  • Cisco Systems Australia
  • Investa Property Group
  • Lend Lease
  • Coca Cola
  • Staging Connections


Cultural Customers:

Schools and Education:


Hotels & Clubs:


DataScene Subcontact to:

  • AV Media Systems
  • Belvia Services
  • Modcol
  • Lumicom


For enquiries, contact Ivan Smith 0419 424 319

For accounts, email accounts@datascene.com.au